Goood morning guys 🌺✨ Today for breakfast I had a bowl full of fruit and that's inspire me for this makeup.Passionfruit is sooo summery ,fresh...and yummy 😋 I was also inspired by sunsets ,and doing this makeup I understand how blending is important ,it really does the 60% of the job. •PRODUCTS• So for this... Continue Reading →


Hy everyoneeeeeee 🤩 Today I would like to introduce you the classic,the one and only princesses Cinderella 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Classy,very cold tones makeup,I know that the majority of people prefer warm tones but sometime we forget how beautiful are cold tones ,always soft ,never too much. Let me know in the comment if you prefer cold... Continue Reading →

🌈 Equality🌈

Hey everyone,as you know this is the Pride month ,so I'd like to celebrate it with makeup ,and what's better than rainbows? MAKEUP RAINBOWS 😂💪🏼 This is the classic cut crease with a few colors ; be sure to blend everything together till your arm hurts ,at this point the blending is enough good 👌🏻... Continue Reading →

🐍🕸Slytherin 🕸🐍

Hy everyone,if you don't know I'm 27 years old ,that means that I grew up with Harry Potter ;I love the saga ,I read all the books and I want to create a makeup for every house. The first one is Slytherin,the dark side,the bad girl /boys that have a mistero halo around ,and be... Continue Reading →

🐝 Queen Bee 🐝

Hi guys ,and welcome back to my blog! I'm here to introduce you queen bee. Summer is right behind the corner ,and what's the most summery ,joyful color?? YELLOW,it's so vibrant and I personally love bees ,they're so cute and useful (just think about honey 🍯) •PRODUCTS• For this makeup I used Morphe 35o palette... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone 😄 So ,today I want to show you my latest makeup look,Arizona,inspired by the beautiful difference between desert ,with orange burned colors and beautiful green vegetation that is typical in those areas. I took inspiration from Caterina Triant Caterina Triant Click in the link and show her some love,we are both Greek ,and... Continue Reading →

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